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Beloit College celebrates its first 175 years

Join us as we mark a momentous anniversary for a very special college, celebrating what it means to be a Beloiter.

Beloit College: 175 Years

Middle College in the 1860s, present day, and 1920s.

Beloit has been transforming lives for 175 years. Perhaps yours was one of them.

Since Beloit College opened on the frontier in 1846, its bold spirit and sense of community has only strengthened. Beloiters have served our nation and the world at the highest levels, becoming ambassadors and advocates, successful innovators and athletes. The list of Beloiters who matter goes on and on. From the 1894 opening of what became a world class anthropology museum, to the Beloit Plan of the 1960s, to 2020’s nationally recognized action plan that responds to a global pandemic: Beloit has found a way.

Remember when you pulled all-nighters at Beloit, debating ideas with new friends from all over the world? Or had a heart-to-heart with one of your professors that completely upended your perspective? Or stepped out of your comfort zone and bravely tried something you never thought you would? (A bell run, maybe?)

We ask you to join us all year long to commemorate the many reasons Beloit matters, as we look toward our next 175 years.

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Celebrate on Social Media

We kicked off our 175th anniversary Feb. 2 and will continue to celebrate throughout the year on social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Join in the excitement: share our posts, post your own memories and stories, and remember to include our #Beloit175 hashtag.

Attend Beloiter Days 

We are especially hopeful that we will be able to have a large birthday bash, together and in-person, during Beloiter Days in October, 2021. A decision about gathering in person will be made by the end of July.

Write Your Favorite Beloit Story

Your Beloit experience challenged you, again and again. And molded you to be the person you are today. In honor of Beloit’s demisemiseptcentennial, we throw the gauntlet down again: What is your favorite Beloit story — in 175 words? You. Can. Do. It!

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175th Anniversary Shop

Visit the Beloit College 175th anniversary shop for limited-edition gifts and other Beloit gear!

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Spread Your Beloit Spirit

Help us celebrate Beloit’s 175th anniversary by submitting a photo – a favorite photo memory or a selfie in your best Beloit gear – to be shared on our website or on our social media.

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Pride in our past, poised for the future

Beloit’s fascinating history is made up of stories about extraordinary people and bold ideas that continue to flourish.

Fred Burwell’86, college archivist from 1986-2020, started sharing these stories with our community in 2010. First published as “Fridays with Fred,” his wildly popular newsletter column grew to include more than 150 relatively brief pieces of narrative Beloit history.

In commemoration of Beloit’s 175th anniversary year, we’ve curated a collection of these stories for your enjoyment.

Cheers to Beloit’s bright future

We honor Beloit's past while looking toward the next 175 stellar years. We honor Beloit's past while looking toward the next 175 stellar years.
Credit: Ziming (Simon) Wu'20
Our 175
th birthday year has those who know Beloit looking with pride toward its future. The Beloit Action Plan, which attracted national attention during an unprecedented period in world history, is only one of the ways Beloit has led higher education and positioned itself for the next 175 years.

On this significant anniversary, we honor our roots as we turn to what’s next: Beloit continuing to find a way to think unconventionally and with empathy about real challenges. We remain student-centered, putting students and their post-Beloit trajectories first, and taking pride in the alumni they become: Well-prepared to make the difference our world needs.

Come join us in celebrating a small college with an outsized reach and its next 175 years. Here’s how you can get involved:

Your talent, passion, and support will usher us into another remarkable 175 years.

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